AX Content: Microsoft Dynamics AX form list

Microsoft Dynamics AX has many form topics and searching for and finding help for the topic on TechNet can be a challenge. Help is here. The Information experience team has published a list that contains links to all form Help topics. You can find the Microsoft Dynamics AX form list here or if you are searching through the table of contents on TechNet, the topic is here:


There are hundreds of form topics available. To quickly locate the topic you’re looking for, open the Microsoft Dynamics AX form list topic on TechNet. You can use the “find on page” feature that lets you search for words or phrases on a web page. In Internet Explorer, use the CTRL+F shortcut key to open the “Find” toolbar. You can enter either the name or the AOT name of the form in this toolbar.

Here is an example of the type of information you’ll find in a form topic:

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