AX Content: Let us help you configure AX modules

We’ve created and recently published what we’re referring to as content roadmaps. Each content roadmap refers to a different AX module or large feature area and it includes links to important information about how to plan, use, and configure that module or feature area. We have content roadmaps for Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, General ledger, Fixed assets, Human resources, Budgeting, and companion apps.  There are also additional content roadmaps available for ReportingWorkflowAnalytics, Retail online store and Retail point of sale.

These content roadmaps provide you with a one-stop-shop of links that direct you to the following kinds of information about each module or feature area:

  • Information to help you get started
  • Prerequisites    
  • Configuration information
  • Module integration  
  • How to complete basic tasks
  • What’s new information
  • Where to find additional information