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During last month’s we received few service requests connected with “Sales tax payment” (VAT payment), where user face one of below problems:

  • Error message: “Account number for transaction type Sales tax does not exist”
  • Difference between sales tax payment voucher and report and in connection in account balance
  • Error message: “The combination 3800—- is not valid for the account structure Account structure – cee”

In many scenarios, debugging “sales tax payment” is not possible or it is very difficult, so we would like to share attached document.
In the word document, we wanted to share:

  • Published KB articles for AX 2012 RTM, R2, R3 that might be useful in case of “sales tax payment”
  • Examples how to identify transaction that is responsible for problems with sales tax payment
  • Few scripts/jobs that can help in troubleshooting

Thanks to this best practice, we could identify few issues and fix it, so I would like to encourage everyone who face such problem to review attached document and maybe even use our “best practice”.

Thank You,


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