AX for Retail 2012 R2 Cannot see Variants when selecting a Transfer Order in POS

Thank you to Brett Christiansen for helping with this blog

KB 2829678 fixes an issue with Variants not showing on Transfer orders.  AX 2012 CU6 includes this hotfix.

With the fix installed on my machine, I had an issue where an older item on a transfer order in the demo data would show the variants fine (Item 0140), but my new item would not display the variants.

What we found was the string displayed on the form is built using the dimension information from the EcoResProductMasterDimensionValue table. The query is a complex join to get information from this table for each dimension.

Broken the query down, it comes to showing the value for the dimension description in EcoResProductMasterDimensionValue.Description. 

Go to Product information management > Common > Released Products and select your item that does not show the variant in POS. 

Click Product dimensions

Notice that my variants do not have a Name\Description

I enter a value in the Name field for both of my variants

I then ran the 1040 job to push the change to the item variant to POS.

Now, when I log into POS and select Picking and Receiving when I select the Transfer Order I do see the variants.