Project Management and Service Industries Hotfixes Released in November 2014

Starting with November 2014, I will be posting the hotfixes released for the Project Management and Accounting, as well as the Service Industries modules for Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and Dynamics AX 2012 R3 twice each month. I would like to raise visibility for customers and partners to see what’s been updated and changed, as there’s many fixes that change and improve existing functionality. It will also give customers and partners a chance to be proactive if any of these appear to be something you might encounter in the future.

I will break these hotfixes down between the two releases. Keep in mind that a hotfix is first released on the build that the issue or design change is reported for. If you see a hotfix that exists in a different release, search for the fix in Lifecycle Services to see if it exists for your build. If the hotfix does not exist in Lifecyle Services for your version, there’s a strong chance that it is in the works of being developed for your build of AX. In that scenario, the recommendation would be to submit a new support request so we can track the need for the hotfix.

If you see a hotfix that you would like to download and test, please log into Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services ( to review code changes, search for related issues, and download the hotfix for testing. If you are unfamiliar with Lifecycle Services, review the following blog for instructions on using Lifecycle Services to download a hotfix:

If you have any questions about these fixes that cannot be answered by Lifecycle Services, please activate a new support request so our Project Engineers can assist you.

Watch for these posts twice each month, and I look forward to any suggestions and feedback!

Tyler Lewin
Senior Support Engineer
Microsoft Dynamics AX


Dynamics AX 2012 R2 

 KB 3017094 – Project sales order lines that exist in a project invoice proposal can be deleted on the original sales order. This hotfix will disable the “Delete” button on the sales order when existing sales order lines that are attached in a project invoice proposal are selected.

KB 3018214 – This allows the service order invoice to use the selected dimension on the service order line instead of the linked dimension when “Dimension link” is activated (Inventory and warehouse management | Setup | Posting | Dimension link).

KB 3016012 – If a sales tax code has a tax percent of 0, this hotfix will set the “Actual sales tax amount” text box to non-editable in Enterprise Portal, where before a value could be entered.

KB 3016805 – This hotfix allows AX to create an audit trail record when transactions are viewed for from the financial voucher for expense reports posted in Enterprise Portal.

KB 3016006 – If the amount of two on-account lines are the same for fixed price project invoicing and both are taxable, the project invoice report will display one of them on non-taxable field and the other on taxable field. This will allow AX to show the full amount as taxable.

KB 3017106 – This hotfix prevents a user from submitting the same expense transaction on multiple expense reports if multiple windows are open.

KB 3016035 – If you have a project quotation workflow configured, this will require existing approved project quotations to flow through workflow again if a new line is added.

KB 3017908 – On collections cases (Home | Common | Cases | All cases) a description wasn’t required to be entered, and this will make that mandatory.

KB 3013876 – This will allow support of printing the project invoice proposal report in PDF format to a network mapped drive.

KB 3016854 – If a project contract has a funding limit and there are transactions posted to that funding limit, this will disable the delete button for that funding limit so the link between the transaction and funding limit is not broken by deleting the funding source. You can still edit the amount, as long as the new value is greater than the spent amount.

KB 3013072 – When calculating a sales price in the project invoice proposal form, this will allow the value for the markup to be calculated based on the original AP transactions unit price plus only the non-exempt tax, rather than including both exempt and non-exempt for the markup cost price.


 Dynamics AX 2012 R3

 KB 3016033 – This will prevent multiple workflow instances of the project invoice proposal workflow if the user clicks “Submit” multiple times.

KB 3017152 – When a purchase order has been previously raised from item requirements and then is marked “Cancelled” on the purchase order, this will ensure that the committed costs against the item requirement are updated.

KB 3013179 – On a purchase requisition, an error stating “Lot ID is not specified” can occur when an approved requisition is revised and confirmed.

KB 3013901 – This KB will ensure that selected transactions remain selected and don’t get cleared by an automatic form refresh when performing an invoice proposal and splitting the customer reconciliation advance amount.

KB 3016001 – This hotfix will ensure that records posted to the LIMITSPENT value on the PROJFUNDINGLIMIT table are rounded with only 2 decimal places. If these records contain more than 2 decimal places, it could attempt to post to a limit that is already spent.

KB 3016007 – Travel requisitions will show the correct committed costs on the project contract after installing this KB.

KB 3016015 – In Enterprise Portal there is a “week summary to date” fact box. If you create a timesheet from favorite, this KB will allow those timesheets to update this fact box.

KB 3015487 – For intercompany customer invoices for an expense report with negative amounts, this hotfix will ensure the correct sales price instead of a zero amount.