New Mobile app SDK samples for iOS, Android, and Windows

We’re happy to release a collection of mobile app SDK samples to help deliver mobile-first solutions with Dynamics CRM. These starter apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms are for mobile developers looking to get started with Dynamics CRM as well as for seasoned Dynamics CRM developers exploring mobile development.

The sample apps leverage the Dynamics CRM web service and showcase patterns and practices for data connectivity with OData (REST) and SOAP endpoints as well as standards-based authentication with OAuth in mobile scenarios. You can download the source code for the apps and related documentation here:

ActivityTracker is a reference scenario for the sample apps. ActivityTracker helps a user quickly search for contacts, access recent contacts and easily report ‘check-in’ activities in CRM. It is designed for sales and customer service professionals to quickly access and update information on the go. With the published source code, the app can be easily modified by developers for your own scenarios and requirements.


Please don’t forget the tremendous improvements we’ve made in our first party Dynamics CRM tablet apps and phone apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices that are highly customizable and ready-to-use out of the box. Custom apps built using our SDK complement our first party apps in improving mobile productivity.  These samples provide a great starting point for developing role-tailored advanced mobile solutions that target specific scenarios and personas. We would love to hear more about cool mobile solutions you deliver and we look forward to showcasing your mobile success stories.

Happy Holidays!