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Set your default dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, each time you sign in to the system you’ll see the dashboard, which gives you easy-to-read charts and graphs that help you see how you and your team are doing with key metrics (also known as key performance indicators, or KPIs).

The system comes with several different dashboard layouts to help you highlight the data and performance metrics you’re most interested in.

Find a dashboard layout you like…

The best way to find one you like is to take a look at a few. After you settle on a favorite, you can make it your default dashboard so that you see it each time you first sign in.

  • To see the different dashboard layouts, choose the down arrow next to the name of the dashboard, and then select the layout you want to check out.



  …and then make it your default dashboard

When your system is set up, the system administrator picks a default dashboard layout that everyone sees when they first sign in. If you want to see a different dashboard, you can override the system-wide default.

  • Display the dashboard you want, and then choose Set as Default at the top of the screen.


More resources for creating or using dashboards

Your system administrator can set up custom dashboard layouts that anyone in your organization can use. Check out this eBook: Create or customize system dashboards for details.

If you want to stay in tune with what’s trending on social media, you may be able to add social listening charts and graphs to your own dashboard. (Whether you have access to Microsoft Social Listening depends on your license.) For ideas and steps, see this eBook: Microsoft Social Listening for CRM.

More resources for CRM training

Looking for more self-paced training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Check out the CRM Basics eBook for a quick run-down of essentials for new users. 

Or, if you’re responsible for training in your organization, you can use an editable Word version of the eBook as your starting point, and customize it to create your own instructor-led training. The Training and Adoption Kit also includes other great content that you can customize to fit your needs.


This article was adapted from eBook: CRM Basics

Shelly Haverkamp
Senior Content Developer / User BFF