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BLWI reporting is replaced by a periodic electronic reporting. Selected companies have to send in their Payment Balance in an electronic way.

The existing BLWI structure in AX has been used as base structure to build the Payment Balance reporting via XML

Payment Balance: foreign transactions summary per Country or country group is replaced by the Payment Balance 2006 xml file

Please note the codes used here are for example’s sake. The right codes and details can be found from the Belgian National Bank Website




Go to Bank/Setup/Payment purpose codes


to Basic/Setup/Foreign Trade/BLWI and select BLWI parameters



Enter as appropriate (Note, it’s  important to mark ‘BLWI check box)



Also under setup insert BLWI Country Region as appropriate



Specify a BLWI currency



Specify payment survey codes




On a Vendor you specify the Central Bank Code



And ensure that the country region has been defined under contact information and address as well



Make a Purchase Order for this Vendor and you check that the BLWI code is specified through Functions/Change BLWI Code


Invoice this PO and proceed to go to Basic/Periodic/Foreign Trade/BLWI



Press ‘Transfer’ and specify a Survey Code



And the invoice is transferred


You can proceed to create the XML file(this requires an Enterprise number has been specified in the Company information)



And this is the result



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