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In Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail EPOS, there is not a lot of documentation on training mode.  Training mode can be used to test sales transactions and not record the transactions in Dynamics AX.  The cash drawer will not open and credit card, debit card, check and cash transactions will not be processed.

When POS is in training mode, the transactions that are created will have an Entry Status in the RetailTransactionTable with a value of 3 (Training) and the Transaction Status in the RetailTransactionSalesTrans will have a value of 3 (Training).  When running the P Job, the transactions will be moved to Headquarters, but these transactions will not be affected when creating, calculating and posting a statement

What you could do is create a POS Terminal in AX that is just a training terminal.  You could then not sync this terminal back to Headquarters if you do not want to see the Training transactions in Headquarters.

Note:  You will not be able to activate training mode for MPOS or the Online Stores.

Anything associated with Real Time Service will not be allowed when Training mode is turned on.

Inventory Lookup, Stock Count, Picking and Receiving, Create Customer Order (this generates a sales order in HQ that you can pick up later or ship), processing a sales transaction with a credit card, and processing a Return will generate an error:  

     “This operation is not allowed in Training mode”


Below are the settings to activate training mode in POS:

Navigate to Retail > Common > Retail channels > Select your store > Miscellaneous fast tab

Hide training mode should be unmarked.

When you create a sales transaction, I like to add the Messages section to the layout so I know it is in training, but this is not necessary. 


Retail > Setup > POS > Screen layouts

Click Designer button

In Screen layout designer, click Design mode drop down and select Main layout

In the Hidden Items tab, select Messages and drag to the layout.

Position the field as you would like

If you change the Store setting to not hide training mode, you must run the Channel configuration job to push this change to POS.

If you change the POS layout, you must run the Registers job to push the change to POS.



In POS, Activate training:


When logging into POS, select the arrow next to the X button (lower right) and select Activate training

You should see Training in the sign in window

We added the messages field to the layout, so you can see POS is in training mode.



When you tender the transaction, you should get a message that POS is in training mode

To Deactivate Training mode once you are in Training mode, go back to the sign on screen and select the X again and Deactivate Training.

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