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What Visual Studio Source Control > Plug-in selection, when using TFS as Dynamics AX 2012 Version Control System?

What to select in Visual Studio under Tools > Options > Source Control as “Plug-in Selection”,

when using TFS as Dynamics AX 2012 Version Control System?




When you select Microsoft Dynamics AX Version Control (This is what recommended to select),

you are selecting the Version Control that must be managed by AX.

You will still be using TFS, but it is managed by AX and not by Visual Studio.

If you select Visual Studio Team Foundation server, you are using TFS, but bypassing AX,

which we don’t recommend for AX objects in Visual Studio.

If you use the Visual Studio TFS (instead of the TFS through AX), you have then to manage

the files and their locations on the TFS server, which may not be equivalent to how AX expects them,

especially when dealing with Models.

AX organizes its source file by Model folder and element type folder to facilitate the synchronization,
building and deployment of Models. This is one of the main advantages of letting AX manages Source Control.


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