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Did you know that you could send us feedback about the Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Did you send us feedback?

A long time ago, we blogged about how we use the feedback that some of you send us to improve the docs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We still do that, so here is an update on what we do when you send us feedback.

Primarily, we receive feedback through 2 different channels:

  • Through the “Was this topic helpful?” link at the bottom of the topics in the MSDN Library
    • 1300 people have done that in the past 5 years. 
    • This feedback is completely anonymous unless you choose to write your name, so we cannot write back to you if we fixed the issue that you told us about.
  • Through the “Documentation Feedback” link at the bottom of the topics in the Help in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, where you can rate a topic and send us email. 
    • 1000 people have done that in the past 5 years.
    • This feedback is not anonymous, but we do not share your name or email address with anyone outside the Dynamics NAV documentation team. When we write back to you, we hope you also do not share our names and email addresses with others.

We read every single piece of feedback. If the feedback is actionable, we update the Help for the next version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 in the MSDN Library. The feedback falls into the following general categories:

  • Incorrect Help content (15%)
  • The MSDN Library as such and the types of content that we publish there (24%)
  • Raves and rants about the product, a feature, , or a specific Help topic (76%). This covers feedback such as the following:
    • “Hi”. 
      • Hello!
    • “La traduzione non esiste.” 
      • Until further notice, we only publish content to the MSDN Library in English. Help in other languages is available in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product. But we do appreciate that a lot of you would like to see translated content in the MSDN Library as well, and we are investigating what we can do.
    • “Where is the white paper!” 
      • There isn’t one. We do not publish Help content as downloadable PDF files anymore.
    • “Explain why the refresh button is not active.” 
      • We have no way of knowing what might be wrong with your data connection.
    • “Mumbo Jumbo”
      • Eh, OK….
    • “I had an Error: Could not locate the add-in library for “Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.BusinessChart;PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35, The page contains a control add-in that is not permitted. Contact your system administrator”. How to fix this error?” 
      • By contacting the system administrator, who might then have to contact Microsoft Support.
    • “Thank you. The C/AL function list is exactly what I was looking for.”
      • You’re welcome!
    • “Was searching for something else and found this little gem. Very useful when working across several servers (Live, Dev, and Test) and being able to identify exactly what environment you are in.”
      • Thanks! We like the System Indicator functionality, too!

We hope you understand that we especially appreciate feedback that helps us weed out bugs in Help or in the product. Some of you also take time to give us praise for a topic that was truly helpful to you, and we’re not above being flattered by that, so thank you!

But we appreciate all feedback, also when you tell us that our content in the MSDN Library should be available in languages other than English, or that you expected to be able to read about other scenarios than the ones we covered, or that the link to PartnerSource is broken. Some of you also take the time to tell us that you do not like a Help topic, or a feature in the product, or the product as such. We are always sorry to read that, but we are especially sorry that we cannot contact you to learn why you were so frustrated at the time.

No matter why you choose to send us feedback, we would like you to continue. All feedback is processed, all feedback is taken into consideration. So please keep the feedback coming!


Thank you for your feedback so far!

Susanne, John, Soren, and Eva from the Dynamics NAV documentation team

We're always looking for feedback and would like to hear from you. Please head to the Dynamics 365 Community to start a discussion, ask questions, and tell us what you think!