Sign Up for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Fall 2015 Preview Programs

We’re pleased to announce that signups for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Fall 2015 preview programs are now available, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM (code-named “Ara”), Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (code-named “Capella”), and Microsoft Social Engagement (code-named “Corvus”).  

Signups are open to all org types and individuals and facilitated through the Microsoft Connect site.  The sign-up survey supports self-signup only – signup-on-behalf-of scenarios are not supported.

Here are the steps to sign up:

Step 1. To turn on your permission to the Preview Sign-up site on Connect, please click the following link:

Note: You must complete any “mandatory” surveys (using sample data if the survey is not relevant) presented to you prior to gaining access to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Fall 2015 Preview Programs Sign-up Survey. If you must complete a mandatory survey, please click the link in Step 1 a second time before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2. (optional) After completing step 1, for an overview of each program, please see the Preview Summary deck available via Connect Downloads at the following link:

This download package also contains a copy of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Services Pre-Release Subscription Agreement translated into Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, and Spanish.

Step 3. To access the sign-up survey, please click the following link:

Please complete and submit one survey for each organization that you would like to sign up. The survey supports signing-up an organization for all three products with one submission.

Preview sign-up timeline (all three programs) – August 6th – December 1st

Preview start – September – Fall 2015

Please submit any program questions or issues with sign-up process to the CRM Preview Team (

Thank you for your interest in previewing the latest versions of our products and services!


The CRM Preview Team