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MR error ‘Sequence contains no elements’ after applying CU13

After upgrading to MR 2012 CU13, you may encounter the following error on the CompanyProvider to Company task:

Sequence contains no elements.


This error will occur if there is a missing record in the Reporting.ControlCompanyIntegration table, in the Management Reporter database. To correct this, you’ll need to run the following queries:

select * from Reporting.ControlCompany


select * from Reporting.ControlCompanyIntegration


There should be an equal number of records in both tables. The exception is if you have Legacy companies. Legacy companies will be in the Reporting.ControlCompany table only. If there is a record in the Reporting.ControlCompany but not the Reporting.ControlCompanyIntegration, you’ll need to make a backup of your database and then run the statement below.


MERGE Reporting.ControlCompanyIntegration AS TARGET


WHEN NOT MATCHED BY TARGET AND GLEntityID not in (‘5F878A3C-5F4C-4806-B786-5CAB52C98F0F’)

–Update the “1” as needed based on value in Reporting.ControlIntegrationSource




 A permanent fix is scheduled in an upcoming release.



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This is not an officially tested solution by Microsoft and should be fully tested before implementation.


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