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We got several requests when user where complaining that form resets.

Ie. User was selecting the customers on customer page, we could see that suddenly the page resets and only first customer has been selected. We could also see the issue on some forms when user fills data in. Suddenly all data disappeared.

When we took network traces we cold see that if it takes more than 30 seconds between the server requests (POST/GET), the authentication token gets invalid and it forces to perform a silent authentication roundtrip. This means that the page is reloaded with the original values, cleaning any change you’ve done.

Another symptoms of this issue we saw when:

– you are unable to select item on drop down list – the box remains empty

– you are unable to select date in the calendar – the date remains empty

To fix the issue we need to install two hotfixes:

– SharePoint hotfix Dec 2014 Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2013 (15.0.4675.1000):

– .NET framework hotfix:



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