Set up work audit templates to automate the updating of warehouse process records

 In this blog post you can read about how to use the Work audit template functionality to automatically process an Outbound shipment confirmation for a Load as soon as all the related work has been processed.

The screenshots in this blog post are taken from the new version of Dynamics AX, but all the content applies to AX2012 R3 as well.

The scenario described below is used to illustrate the process and setup for using a work audit template.


A load has been created containing two load lines that are going to be delivered.


The load will be outbound processed within the warehouse via two work headers.


After a mobile device has been used to complete the first work item, the status of the load is updated to In process. And as soon as the second work item is completed, the status of the load is changed to Loaded. And with the use of the Work audit template, the system will immediately update the load to the status of Shipped.




To enable the scenario above, a Work audit template record has to be created to trigger the event of running the Shipping confirmed update as soon as the status for a load is updated to Loaded. This can be achieved with the setup seen below.


The mobile device menu item that’s used as part of the outbound warehouse work processing has been enabled to use the defined Audit template ID.




The work audit template is used in this case to trigger a ship confirmation update when the status of a load is updated to Loaded. It’s possible to define other triggers, and to define triggers for other events too. We think that work audit templates are a great tool for extending custom logic and triggering automatic events and custom code with specific set of rules, and would love to hear about your experiences with it.