How do I login to the new AX as a demo user persona?

I have a demo deployment with demo data. Now, how do I use the demo users that Microsoft ships for my demos/trials?

Its easy, follow these simple steps:

1. Understand the demo users and the personas.

Microsoft ships 55+ demos users with the demo data. These users can help you mimic various personas. Picking the right persona for your demos is critical. You can find some of the demo user personas below:

User ID User name Company Security Roles
Administrator Administrator USMF System Administrator
ALICIA Alicia Thornber USMF Buying Agent, Purchasing Agent
APRIL April Stewart USMF Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Payable Payments Clerk, System User
ARNIE Arnie Mondloch USMF Accounts Receivable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Manager, Collections Agent
BENJAMIN Benjamin Martin USMF Sales Manager
BROOKE Brooke Drynan USMF Human Resources Assistant, System User, Tax Accountant
CASSIE Cassie Hicks USMF Accountant
CHARLIE Charlie Carson USMF Chief Executive Officer, System User
CLAIRE Claire Kennedy USMF Human Resources Manager, Manager
CONNIE Connie Vrettos USMF Collections Manager
DANIEL Daniel Brunner USMF Dispatcher
EDUARDO Eduardo Cobo USMF Production Planner
ELLEN Ellen Gasca USMF Warehouse Manager, Employee, System User, Warehouse Mobile Device User, Warehouse Planner, Warehouse Worker
EMIL Emil Karafezov USMF Product Designer, System User
EMMAH Emma Harris USRT Retail Store Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Clerk, Sales Representative, Shop Supervisor, System User
GRACE Grace Sturman USMF Training Manager
INGA Inga Numadottir USMF Purchasing Manager
ISAAC Isaac Clay USMF Employee, System User
JACOB Jacob Robinson USMF Recruiter
JEREMYL Jeremy Los USRT Retail Merchandising Manager
JODI Jodi Christiansen USMF Compensation and Benefits Manager
JOHN John Emory USMF Accounting Manager, Budget Manager, Collection Manager
JULIA Julia Funderburk USMF Marketing Manager
KARL Karl Bystrom USMF Materials Manager
KEN Ken Ewert USMF Financial Controller
KEVIN Kevin Cook USMF Sales Manager
LACYJ Lacy John USRT Retail Store Manager
LARS Lars Giusti USMF Shop Supervisor, Production Supervisor
LISA Lisa Farr USMF Employee, System User, Customer service representative, Manager​​
LUKE Luke Lenhart USMF Human Resources Assisistant
MANUELO Manuel Oliveira USRT Sales Clerk
MARCB Marc Boyer USRT Retail Merchandising Manager
MARIE Marie Talley USMF Customer service manager
MIA Mia Vanclooster USMF Payroll Administrator
MICHAEL Michael Redmond USMF Sales Manager
MIGUELG Miguel Garcia USRT Sales Clerk
NICOLE Nicole Holliday USMF Marketing Coordinator
OSCAR Oscar Morales USMF Accountant, Accounting Manager, Accounting Supervisor, Accounts Payable Centralized Payments Clerk, Accounts Receivable Payments Clerk, Collections Agent, Customer Service Rep, Info Tech Manager, Process Engineer, Product Design Manager, Product Designer, QA Clerk, Receiving Clerk, Retail Catalog Manager, Sales Clerk, shipping Clerk, Treasurer
PHYLLIS Phyllis Harris USMF Accounting Manager, Compliance Manager
PRAKASH Prakash Pazamalai USMF Employee, Project Manager, System User
REBECCA Rebecca Deutsch USMF Employee, Sysuser
REINA Reina Cabatana USMF Employee, Manager, Sysuser
RICARDO Ricardo Acosta USMF Quality Control Clerk, Quality Control Manager
SAMMY Sammy Isales USMF Receiving Clerk, Shipping Clerk
SARA Sara Thomas USMF Accounting Manager, Accounting Supervisor, Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Payable Manager, Accounts Payable payments clerk, accounts receivable clerk, chief financial officer, collections agent, customer service rep, product design manager, product designer, purchasing agent, quality control clerk, receiving clerk, retail catalog manager, sales manager, shipping clerk, System user, treasurer
SEAN Sean Dring USMF Employee, System User
SHANNON Shannon Dascher USMF Employee, Machine Operator, System User
SUSAN Susan Burk USMF Sales Clerk, Sales Manager, Sales Representitive
TED Ted Howard USMF Dispatcher, System User, Employee
TERRENCE Terrence Dorsey USMF Employee, Field service technician​
TIML Tim Litton USMF Information Technology Manager, Employee, System User
TONY Tony Krijnen USMF Production Manager
TRICIA Tricia Fejfar USSI Customer Service Manager, Customer Service Rep, Project Assistant, Project Timesheet user
VINCE Vince Prado USMF Manager, Employee, System User
YOICHIRO Yoichiro Okada USSI Employee, Project Manager, System User, Time Registration Worker

2. Login to the new AX instance


3. Go to System administration -> Users



4. Find the persona you want to use for the demo. In this case, for the demo I want to use April’s persona –  who is an accounts clerk.


5. Now edit the record for April, enter the domain and alias of the new AAD user who wants to have the same security roles as April. You can follow my previous blog post to learn how to invite a user to an AX instance.

5 6

6. Now that you have setup this user, login to AX with the same account and you will have the same experience as April.