Some customers could be interested to know if it is possible to resize a Virtual Machine (VM) once it has been deployed from LCS.

Unfortunately, this kind operation is not yet possible from LCS, so the operation must be completed from the Azure Portal.
You can use either Azure Portal for this: Classic or New.

Since any VM deployed from LCS is available from Azure Portal, you can access the Azure Portal and change the size from there.
One thing to note is be sure you are accessing Azure using the same Azure subscription used when the VM was deployed LCS.

Of course you need to respect the rules that are valid for an Azure VM, e.g. you can’t downsize a VM that already uses resources not available in the destination size.

From an LCS point of view there are 2 important items to be aware:

  1. You will continue to see the original size.
    At the moment there isn’t an update of the information for the size changed in Azure.
  2. Since you still see the original size in LCS, if you need to deploy a new VM instance you’ll deploy again with the original size.
    Thus, if you need a different size you need to make changes again via the Azure Portal.


If you need more information, or you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to open an incident and the Microsoft Support Team will be more than happy to answer all your questions.