Removal of List Component

In May 2015, we announced the List Component deprecation as a result of SharePoint’s deprecation of the sandbox solution, a dependency of the List Component.  Recently, SharePoint has announced the removal of code-based sandbox solutions in SharePoint Online.

Customers using the List Component with SharePoint Online are advised to migrate to the server-based integration immediately to avoid disruption of service.  Sandbox execution for the List Component is scheduled to turn off on November 30, 2016.

Here are details from SharePoint’s blog post [See Full Post]:

  • As part of the removal process, activation of new code-based sandbox solutions, as well as updates of existing solutions are no longer available.
  • In the coming weeks, running code-based sandbox solutions in SharePoint Online multi-tenant environments also will be disabled. Customers with these solutions should watch the Message Center and Service Health Dashboard (SHD) for details, timelines, and exception processes.

See Set up SharePoint integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for more information on enabling server-based SharePoint integration.

Customers using the List Component with SharePoint on-premises deployments are not currently affected.

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