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You are in the process of setting up email approval for Dynamics AX, when you go through the setup of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector for Mobile Applications service, and you start it, you receive the following message:

  • The “ADFS URL” parameter has not been configured
  • The “Thumbprint of X.509 certificate used to sign SAML token” parameter has not been configured.

The whitepaper is missing details on the required values to enter into the [ADFS URL] and [Thumbprint of X.509 certificate used to sign SAML token] fields.

Fields [ADFS URL] and [Thumbprint of X.509 certificate used to sign SAML token] cannot be empty.
Even thou these fields are not required when configuring the Mobile adapter for workflow approval via email only, there must be an entry in those fields.
Entering a dot(.) in the fields will enable the service startup to validate the input as correct.

Versions: Dynamics AX 2012 (all versions)

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