The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the August release of Lifecycle Services.

Database refresh request

Starting today, when you are working in an implementation project, you can request that sandbox environments be refreshed directly from LCS with a copy of a database from another environment.

This feature is supported only for Tier 2 and above Microsoft Azure SQL Database-based environments. Copying a database into the Production environment is only supported prior to going live.

  1. To submit the request, under the Environments heading, click Site reliability work items.
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  2. Click + Add.
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  3. Click Database refresh request.
  4. Select the source environment, target environment, data, and time, and then click Submit.
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    You can find the most recent status under Service request status
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  5. To communicate with the service engineering team, click the work item, add a comment, and then click Submit.
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Methodology and SharePoint integration

In Microsoft Dynamics AX LCS projects, you can now attach documents to a methodology task.

To upload a document, after you complete the SharePoint setup, select the task to which you want to upload the document and then click Attach document. Browse to the document and then upload it.
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Project team members can click Download to download the document.

If the document is no longer relevant to the step, click Detach to remove the link between the document and the step.
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Issue search

With the August release of LCS, the following updates to Issue search have been added:

  • View additional status details for active bugs: See when a bug is Active, Investigating a fix, or in a Quality Assurance step.
  • Subscribe to email notifications: Receive a notification when an issue is resolved . Enter a comma separated list of emails in the box and click Add to be notified when the bug is resolved.
    Aug release notes 9

Additionally, improvements to the View changes page allows for viewable changes of Microsoft Dynamics AX fixes. Specifically, now that the changes enabled, you will see detailed information about the line number that the change was made at. If you click the method name #linenumber, you will drill directly to that change in the method or object.
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