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This post applies to Apple iPad, Windows tablets, and Windows phones for On Premises customers, and for Online customers who are using their own federated identity provider

We have updated our mobile applications and added more Redirect URIs. The following updated Powershell command must be run in your AD FS server to register the tablet and phone apps:

Add-AdfsClient -ClientId ce9f9f18-dd0c-473e-b9b2-47812435e20d -Name "Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets and phones" -RedirectUri ms-app://s-1-15-2-2572088110-3042588940-2540752943-3284303419-1153817965-2476348055-1136196650/, ms-app://s-1-15-2-1485522525-4007745683-1678507804-3543888355-3439506781-4236676907-2823480090/, ms-app://s-1-15-2-3781685839-595683736-4186486933-3776895550-3781372410-1732083807-672102751/, ms-app://s-1-15-2-3389625500-1882683294-3356428533-41441597-3367762655-213450099-2845559172/, ms-auth-dynamicsxrm://,ms-auth-dynamicsxrm://,ms-auth-dynamicsxrm://,msauth://code/,msauth://code/,msauth://code/,msauth://,msauth://, urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob

You will get the following error if you don’t run this updated Powershell command:

AADSTS50011: The reply address ‘[msauth URL]’ does not match the reply addresses configured for the application: ‘{Client app ID, which is a GUID}’. More details: not .

When your users sign in after upgrading their devices, they’ll see this error:

Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in. We received a bad request.

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