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You can now submit requests directly to the Dynamics Service Engineering (DSE) team by using Lifecycle Services (LCS) instead of using Connect or LCS, depending on the request. This functionality, which was added in the September release of LCS, allows you to submit requests using a single portal and view the status of your requests in LCS. You can also audit which requests are submitted and executed on your environment.

There are two ways to submit a request.

  • On the project dashboard, in the Environments pane, select Service requests.
  • On the LCS menu, click Support, and on the Work items page, select the Service requests tab.


The following request types are supported by this functionality:

  • Database refresh – This includes, for example, the ability to refresh a database from Production to Sandbox.
  • Database point-in-time restore – This includes, for example, restoring a non-production database to a specific point in time.
  • Other requests – This includes requests other than those listed above or automated flow requests. For example, you might use this request type for upgrade or to request the system be put into maintenance mode. Note, this should not be used to submit support requests.
  • Package application – To apply a package to the Production environment, on the Environment details page, click Maintain to select the package to apply. Then, select Schedule.
  • Environment deployment – To set the deployment options and submit a request to the Dynamics Service Engineering team to deploy a new environment, click Configure on the Environments pane.

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