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In Dynamics Online Payment Services, if a Partner is not able to see a customer or manage their Payment Services the Customer will need to add the Partner to the Payment Service.

Below is taken from the Technical White Paper “Provisioning Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics® ERP – Add a Support Partner”


How to Add a Support Partner

1. Go to

2. Enter the same Windows Live ID and Password (used to sign up the Payment Services) and Click on Sign in.


3. Click on All Services.


4. Click on Service List.


5. Select the Payment Services and Change Partner.


6. Select the partner for the customer from the list, check the Grant service access to the selected partner, and click on Change Partner.


Note: if you cannot find your organization name from the Partner Organization Name list. Follow the document below to register your organization as a partner for the online services for Microsoft Dynamics® ERP.

7. Sign out from the Customer Portal.




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