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Applies to Voice of the Customer version 9.0.1371.7/9.0.1371.8


We’re pleased to announce the latest update for the Voice of the Customer solution for Dynamics 365. This release includes feature improvements and bug fixes. 



  • Voice of the Customer version 9.0.1371.8 is compatible with Dynamics 365 version 9.0 and above. 
  • Voice of the Customer version 9.0.1371.7 is compatible with Dynamics 365 version 8.2. 


New and updated features 

Delete file 

You can now delete a file that is uploaded in response to the question type File upload. If a file is available in a survey response, the file can be deleted by using the Delete file button on the command bar. The file is deleted from the storage. 


Resolved issues 

In addition to the above-mentioned features, this update resolves the following issues: 

  • When a respondent selects a smiley face in a rating question, all the preceding smileys are selected. 
  • The survey scoring values revert to their default values on saving the question. 
  • When a respondent clicks on the text of a radio button, the radio button does not get selected. 
  • Survey does not open in the language specified in the survey email. 
  • Respondent and case information are not associated with response if the corresponding invite is in the closed state. 



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