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Now Is A Great Time For ERP Investments 

Came across the following blog post today (thanks to the ERPSoftware Blog) Some interesting…...Read more

More benefits of hosted ERP….. 

In my last post I spoke about minimized initial investments and accelerated ROI. Continuing where I left you guys a few weeks back and with the promise of coming back with more benefits of hosted ERP,…...Read more

Can Dinosaurs Be Innovative :)?? 

After a few days of relaxation during my recent honeymoon (conveniently scheduled around Thanksgiving to avoid a mountain of emails when I return to the office next week) I couldn't help but jump on…...Read more

On Today's ERP S+S Announcement 

Some significant news out today from the ERP team regarding our momentum around on-demand an hosted ERP, along with the announcement of new online services that help supplement our on-premise or on-demand ERP offerings.  You can find the press release here for your viewing pleasure, but let me provide some context to what the Dynamics...Read more

The betas have landed…! 

And so the wait is over. After more than a year of worldwide validation and testing, through the most comprehensive set of pre-release programs Microsoft has ever run, and with tens of thousands of customers…...Read more

While we wait… 

No, thankfully, not the holiday season…not quite yet. Although I can already sense the thinly repressed urge to dust off the fake snow and tune up the sleigh bells in my neighborhood. But since Steve Ballmer…...Read more

I Thought Dinosaurs Were Extinct??!! 

Just came across the following article from my countrymen at The Times newspaper in the UK (yes I was reading the news when I was supposed to be putting GTM plans and best practice models together.) Jolly…...Read more

Benefits of hosted ERP 

I want to follow up on my post from last week on "Choice" where I promised to come back and talk to some of the business benefits of hosted ERP. Hosted ERP solutions provide a wealth of compelling…...Read more

“Dogfood” never tasted so good 

Like many here in Microsoft, I have recently installed the internal Beta release of Office 2010, as part of our extensive – if rather strangely named – “Dogfood” program, that helps us test and validate…...Read more