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3 common roadblocks to maximizing AI and how to bypass them 

If AI is so transformative, why haven’t more enterprises embraced it already? Perhaps we’ve been trying to force a square peg into a round hole by asking people to adapt to AI, instead of the other way around. At Microsoft, we’re striving to change that. We believe business users closest to specific problems have the...Read more

4 ways sales teams can close deals faster with AI-powered insights 

In this two-part series, we’ll explore how AI capabilities in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights helps sales teams sell proactively and managers lead proactively. If you’re attending the Gartner  CSO & Sales Leader Conference 2019, be sure to attend our session, How Microsoft Unlocks Success with Insight-Drive Selling this Wednesday, September 18th, from 3-3:45 PM. The...Read more

Five ways companies are transforming marketing 

Digital transformation is essential to thriving and growing – and in some cases, surviving – in nearly every industry in every corner of the world. Making that transformation with minimal internal disruption and positive outcomes is the central goal of many organizations. Every organization’s transformation must take careful consideration of its past, including legacy systems...Read more

Introducing the Microsoft Business Applications October Virtual Launch Event 

      We’re excited about all of the new innovations we’re rolling out in the October 2019 Microsoft Business Applications release and want to share the highlights with you. Please join us for the Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Launch Event on October 10, 2019 from 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM Pacific Time. This free...Read more

How leading companies use CRM to power personalization 

Organizations must tailor consumer experiences to the individual needs and desires of current and prospective customers. Personalizing the customer journey, however, can be time intensive and expensive. Fortunately, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, makes this process efficient and affordable. One organization dependent on personalized experiences is AAA Northeast. Their...Read more

Showcasing new business opportunities with the Microsoft Automotive Accelerator 

Starting next week at IAA – New Mobility World, Microsoft will join 1000+ exhibitors and 250,000 visitors from approximately 39 countries to exhibit and explore immersive technologies, visionary concepts like electromobility, and many industry disruptors in Frankfurt. This year at IAA – New Mobility World asks the questions: “How are society, business, indeed our whole way...Read more

How data, analytics, and insights can improve customer service 

What issues are your customers facing? What obstacles do customers encounter in their quest for support? How can the process improve to create a delightful customer experience and increase engagement? Forward-thinking customer service organizations explore these questions every day. Learning about your customer’s experience with support and figuring out how to create a positive experience...Read more

How to organize successful modern events with ease 

In an era of increasingly sophisticated digital tactics, one question that is often raised is, “Are events still relevant?” Clearly the answer is yes for many companies. According to research by SiriusDecisions, B2B companies with revenues ranging from $100M to $1B devote between 30-40 percent of their marketing program budgets to in-person events. Their challenge...Read more

Customer centricity: A key priority across lines of business 

In today’s content and product-saturated marketplace, personalization is the key to standing apart from the competition. According to a recent study by Frost & Sullivan, by 2020 customer experience is expected to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, and companies globally lose over $300 billion each year due to poor customer experience....Read more

The number one barrier to better patient care and how to break through it 

What’s the number one problem healthcare executives need to solve in order to improve care delivery and reduce operational costs? In a word: Interoperability. There’s a lot of buzz these days around the idea of interoperability in healthcare. But what does the term actually mean? Here’s a snippet from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems...Read more

Customer data platform: Going beyond MDMs and CRMs 

In today’s competitive buying market, customers have access to more content, purchasing channels, and brand options than ever before. With an overload of information and choices available, businesses can no longer survive by simply providing the bare minimum necessary to keep customers from leaving. Instead, they must demonstrate they understand and value their customers and...Read more

Industry Accelerators: Rapidly deploy solutions specific to your industry 

Every organization is becoming a data company, striving to manage and extract value from volumes of data across departments, from traditional sources such as operations, finance, sales, and marketing to digital sales and marketing initiatives, and new observational sources like device telemetry and customer sentiment analysis. The struggle most organizations face is managing data stashed...Read more