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Host web apps using Microsoft Edge WebView2 Process in Unified Service Desk (Preview) 

Unified Service Desk for model-driven apps provides a configurable framework that allows you to build applications that give call center agents a unified view of customer data. Unified Service Desk version 4.2, available for public preview in April, enables you to host web applications using Microsoft Edge WebView2 Process based on the Chromium open-source framework,...Read more

Dynamics 365 (Preview) app for Windows comes with offline access 

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Preview) app for Windows is optimized to help your team stay productive whether they’re connected or working offline. The app provides your salespeople, agents, and supervisors with tools they need to track their tasks, arrive prepared for appointments, take notes, and access customer records. It is seamless to deploy because employees...Read more

Enable digital selling with the sales accelerator in Dynamics 365 Sales 

In the past, many sales organizations looked at customer relationship management applications simply as process-driven data repositories or systems of record. Sales reps spent hours manually entering data and had less time to build profitable relationships and actually sell. However, this approach has become increasingly untenable for businesses now that the norm is for savvy,...Read more

Support student success with the Dynamics 365 education accelerator 

Most of us know at least one college student who is attending some or all of their classes online to cope with current circumstances. With many schools operating primarily online or in a hybrid mode, millions of students are cut off from the traditional sources of support that colleges offer. To help students navigate these...Read more

Set administration mode on production environments to avoid impacting users during changes 

System administrators no longer need to switch a production environment to a sandbox environment before you place it in administration mode. When an environment is set in administration mode, only users with the system administrator or system customizer security role are able to sign in to that environment. Administration mode is useful when you want...Read more

Build back-to-school solutions with the Dynamics 365 education accelerator and Microsoft Power Platform 

With back-to-school time upon us, what would normally be an exciting time for educators and families preparing students to return to class is instead filled with additional stresses presented by a global pandemic. Parents and caregivers are wondering what remote learning will be like and how to get and use the technology their children need...Read more

Dynamics 365 education accelerator update supports K-12 application development 

First, a heartfelt thank you to educators around the world. Many schools are now out for the summer, marking the end of a school year in the most uncertain of times. This spring, schools gave more to students than an education—they provided a sense of purpose, consistency, and normalcy. Teachers and school administrators worked relentlessly....Read more

Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator enhancements enable more automated experiences 

The Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator continues to evolve, enabling ISVs and other solution providers to quickly build industry vertical solutions tailored to the nonprofit sector. In this latest release, the accelerator addresses three critical nonprofit areas: Case Management, Project Management & Program Design (PMPD), and Operations. Case Management and PMPD enhancements include data model extensions...Read more

Dynamics 365 Financial Services Accelerator now includes a preview for insurance 

The Dynamics 365 Financial Services Accelerator now includes a preview designed for the insurance industry. When you sign up for the preview, you’ll be able to check out an insurance data model, sample app, and dashboard that covers both property and casualty insurance, as well as life insurance. With the Insurance component, insurance companies, agencies,...Read more

Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator Test Drive now includes a new portal and chatbot capabilities 

We’ve updated the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator Test Drive experience with Power Apps portals, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, and Microsoft Power BI for the banking industry. You can test drive the Banking Accelerator capabilities by launching a preconfigured environment, and then trying out the app without needing to set up or use a Microsoft...Read more

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional 30 day free trial now available 

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional was launched in Spring 2018 as a sales force automation solution to help small and medium-sized organizations automate their sales processes, analyze their business data, and grow their business without lengthy and costly implementations. With the February 2020 update, we’ve made it easy for customers to try Sales Professional. The trial...Read more

Extending Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with Azure ML-based custom models 

AI-enabled Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps unifying data from multiple sources within an organization and generates a single, end-to-end view of the customer. This 360-degree customer view can be used to discover insights to optimize customer engagement and drive personalized customer experiences. This unified data is an ideal source to build machine learning (ML) models...Read more