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Accelerate your year-end close process 

1 min read

The year-end close process is a cumbersome, multi-step task that ensures an organization can provide accurate annual reports and financial statements for its stakeholders. It’s critical to get it right, but the process can be intimidating and overwhelming. Trying to balance the workload among overstressed accounting staff can result in errors, multiple manual adjustments, and Read more


Automate your Accounts Payable process with invoice capture 

2 min read

Accounts Payable teams around the globe spend hours processing invoices that come from different channels—fax, mail, email, handwritten, and electronic data interchange (EDI). The sheer volume of invoices is a difficult burden to overcome—and the number grows exponentially with the number of office locations. Read more


Enhance workplace automation with prebuilt RPA templates for Dynamics 365 (preview) 

3 min read

For many businesses, success increasingly depends on having the agility to innovate and adapt to rapid change, responding to customer needs, competitive pressure, and industry trends. But this is a difficult challenge when employees are buried in time-consuming busywork like repetitive tasks or complex processes. That’s why we are dedicated to helping organizations like yours Read more


Update for our customers using Russian payroll capabilities of Dynamics AX 2012 R3 

2 min read

We have made the decision not to invest in transitioning the Russian payroll capabilities in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 over to Dynamics 365. However, we’ll continue to support existing Russian payroll capabilities for organizations on an Enhancement Plan during the mainstream support and extended support through October 12, 2021 and January 10, 2023, respectively. For Read more


Prepare for dimension table changes in Financial Dimension Framework 

2 min read

Effective December 1, 2020, for all 10.0+ versions of Dynamics 365 Financial Dimension Framework we are preventing deletion from the following Dimension table. This change is applied directly in the database and follows the same business logic that is used within the application. These changes protect the integrity of the financial accounting data. Any customizations Read more


Electronic invoicing add-on (preview) expands capabilities for Dynamics 365 business applications 

2 min read

There are a number of reasons for companies to use electronic invoicing instead of paper documents, such as maintaining compliance, being able to adapt quickly to changing regulations, and reducing manual errors – not to mention reducing costs and speeding up end-to-end invoice processing. In addition, governments are increasingly turning to electronic invoicing as a Read more


Support date extended for tax updates in US Payroll feature in Dynamics 365 Finance 

<1 min read

To ensure organizations have ample time to provide for the safety of their employees, protect the health and well-being of their communities, and react to the changes needed due to COVID-19, we are extending support for tax updates in the US Payroll feature in Dynamics 365 Finance until July 31, 2024. This is a change Read more


Maintain budget control balances after update to Dynamics 365 Finance 2020 release wave 2 

2 min read

As you might already know if you read our post from August, 2020, the hash function for the dimension framework in Dynamics 365 Finance 2020 release wave 2 has changed. After you update to version 10.0.13 or later, you’ll need to make sure a one-time update to maintain budget control balances for your active account Read more


Verify hash function changes after update to Dynamics 365 Finance 2020 release wave 2 

5 min read

In Dynamics 365 2020 release wave 2, the hash function for the dimension framework in Dynamics 365 Finance has changed. This change may cause breaks in your production and test code in some scenarios. This blog post explains how to inspect your code for impacted patterns and provides guidance about how to validate this functionality Read more


Simplify and automate compliance with asset leasing in Dynamics 365 Finance 

2 min read

Change is constant. Today most organizations are experiencing challenges and making plans that they did not anticipate. In times like these, organizations do not have time to worry about reacting to changes in accounting regulations, yet they cannot risk leaving them unaddressed. A core tenant of Dynamics 365 Finance is to enable you to reduce risk, and to automate and modernize your global Read more