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Keep an eye on your email bounce rates in Dynamics 365 Marketing 

Everyone who has sent an email message at least a couple of times faced a situation when your email cannot be delivered to the recipient. It is not particularly important if it is just a single email for your friend or family member. But what if the email impacts a critical business function? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to send email campaigns to a large number of recipients. But if you’ve ever...Read more

Deprecation of Voice of the Customer surveys on Dynamics 365 Marketing on July 1, 2020 

This only impacts Dynamics 365 Marketing customers who are using surveys based on the Voice of the Customer solution. As announced previously, Voice of the Customer is will be discontinued on July 1, 2020.  Therefore, all surveys based on Voice of the Customer within Dynamics 365 Marketing will also be discontinued. Please note that Dynamics...Read more

Automatic update policy for Dynamics 365 Marketing 

Starting in May 2020, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing will enable system-driven, automatic updates for all our customers. We are implementing this policy to bring a consistent, predictable update process to everyone, and to reduce the amount of planning and testing time organizations have to spend to roll out updates to their instances. The policy aligns...Read more

Authenticate Dynamics 365 Marketing domains by April 2020 

Want to reduce the chance of customers’ spam filters blocking your email messages? Try authenticating your domain. Domain authentication is so essential, we’re requiring all Dynamics 365 Marketing implementations to authenticate their domains by April 2020.   This post gives you some background on the reasons for this requirement and provides instructions for authenticating your domain by the April 2020 deadline.  The dangers of spam email messages Every day, people are bombarded with spam email...Read more

Announcing the timeline to move to Unified Interface 

Over the last two years, our customers have been experiencing the benefits of the new user interface client for Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Project Service, Field Service, and Marketing. Many of our largest customers have successfully made the transition. As we’ve reached the milestone of over 80% of organizations enabling Unified Interface, we’re announcing...Read more

September 2019 update for Dynamics 365 for Marketing is available now 

The September 2019 update of Dynamics 365 for Marketing is available now! As usual, this release provides many performance improvements, reliability improvements, and bug fixes. For instances running the early access version of Marketing, some early access features are also updated. For more information about recently released and planned new features, please see the Dynamics...Read more

The Dynamics 365 for Marketing July 2019 update is available now 

The July 2019 update of Dynamics 365 for Marketing is now released and available to all customers! This update includes a few new features, plus plenty of performance and stability improvements. This update installs version 1.35.4825.0 of the Dynamics 365 for Marketing solution. Keep reading to learn how to get this update and which new...Read more

The Dynamics 365 for Marketing June 2019 update is now available 

The June 2019 update of Dynamics 365 for Marketing is released and available  for customers to install or update to starting now! This update includes several new complete features, previews of a few upcoming AI features, plus plenty of performance and stability improvements. Keep reading to learn how to get this update and which new...Read more