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3 ways to minimize fraud this holiday season 

Even in challenging times, the holiday season’s irresistible deals attract both customers and fraudsters. A differentiated fraud prevention strategy is essential to keep a merchant’s fraud losses minimized while letting legitimate customers continue to have a smooth shopping experience. Here are three tips for the holiday season to help keep fraud low and maximize gains...Read more

Tips for setting up sales forecasting in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Most sales organizations understand the value of maintaining an accurate sales forecast. However, many are still tracking forecasts with a time-consuming spreadsheet. This blog post provides some best practices for using forecasting capabilities in Dynamics 365 Sales to help simplify creating accurate forecasts, even during rapidly changing conditions. Benefits of sales forecasting Sales forecasting is...Read more

Using activity data to improve opportunity scoring predictions in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Listening to the challenges many of our customers are facing with increasingly working online, we’ve developed new capabilities in Dynamics 365 to discover email messages, meetings, and phone call activities related to an opportunity, and then to factor these signals into the score. Capturing activities to determine opportunity health A healthy opportunity will usually have...Read more

Close deals by leveraging relationship analytics in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Understanding what worked in the past to close deals can help you replicate those successful actions with other prospects in the pipeline. Relationship analytics capabilities in Dynamics 365 Sales, available for preview since April 2020, helps you compare data from won opportunities with open prospects and then suggests actions to take to deliver similarly successful...Read more

Discover winning practices of top sellers with Dynamics 365 Sales 

Enhancements to Relationship analytics capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights are now available as part of the 2020 release wave 1. The AI-powered enhancements enable salespeople to build strong relationships with customers, take actions based on insights, and ultimately close deals faster.   Relationship analytics (RA) leverages the integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 to provide users with...Read more

Simplified system configuration in Dynamics 365 Sales 

With the April 2020 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, administrators will find a simplified configuration experience that makes it easier to discover and manage system settings to meet their organization’s unique needs. This simplified experience is available only for Unified Interface customers. The new App Settings area in the out-of-box Sales Hub application improves...Read more

Understanding Dynamics 365 for IT: Architecture, integration, and more 

If you work in an IT department, chances are you’ve seen or heard of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It’s a set of modular and connected software as a service (SaaS) applications and services that are designed to integrate with your existing data, business logic, and processes to help transform and unify your customer relationship management (CRM)...Read more

Save standardized PDF documents to Dynamics 365 or SharePoint 

In June last year, Dynamics 365 Sales introduced the ability to generate PDF quote documents based on standardized templates. The feature has seen significant uptake with several hundreds of documents being created and emailed each day, and we received a lot of feedback to extend the capability to other entities. We heard your feedback and...Read more

Predictive sales forecasting in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Efficient sales processes are key for any successful business. Predictive forecasting, now available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, enables proactive decision making for any aspect of the sales process. While it’s impossible for humans to know and predict the future, advanced machine learning technologies for sales can help you forecast sales more accurately. Dynamics...Read more

Driving accountability with advanced forecasting in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Today we’re announcing new Dynamics 365 Sales forecasting capabilities are now available for general use. Over the last year, we’ve worked closely with many of you and many customers to better understand your sales scenarios and unique business requirements. Thank you for your partnership in helping us improve and enhance this service. A sales forecast...Read more

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional 30 day free trial now available 

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional was launched in Spring 2018 as a sales force automation solution to help small and medium-sized organizations automate their sales processes, analyze their business data, and grow their business without lengthy and costly implementations. With the February 2020 update, we’ve made it easy for customers to try Sales Professional. The trial...Read more

Automate activity capture with AI in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights 

Premium auto capture is a new AI-powered capability now available in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights that automates the association of activities like emails and meetings to COLA entities i.e. contacts, opportunities, leads, and accounts. Inference of associations is done with an advanced set of deterministic and natural language processing (NLP) based association algorithms, boosting your...Read more