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Out of the Box: What Colors Can I Impact on the Schedule Board? 

One common question when doing any Dynamics implementation is around how to change colors. Obviously, Dynamics offers Theming which allows an organization to ensure the system reflects a brand consistent theme. However, there are some additional color controlling features in Dynamics 365. In particular, with a Field Service implementation, people often ask questions on how...Read more

What’s New for Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling Optimization v1.5.17284.2 Release 

Applies to: Dynamics 365 9.0.x and Dynamics 365 8.2.x With the goal of continuously improving quality, performance, and usability, and responding to customer feedback, we recently released Resource Scheduling Optimization v1.5.17284.2 update. Below are the new features and capabilities introduced in this release. NOTE: Resource Scheduling Optimization v1.5.17284.2 update is backward compatible with Dynamics 365...Read more

What’s new in the July 2017 update for Field Service and Project Service Automation 

Applies to: Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, Dynamics 365 for Field Solution, Dynamics 365 for Universal Scheduling Solution, Dynamics 365 for Resource Scheduling Optimization   With the goal of continuously improving quality, performance, usability, and responding some customer feature feedbacks, we’re excited to announce the release of July 2017 update for Dynamics 365 for...Read more

How does the new Dynamics 365 web client UI make you more productive? 

Dynamics 365 web client has refreshed UI in July 2017 Update for Dynamics 365 (online), that increases readability and consequently productivity for our users who use the application day-in and day-out. Dynamics 365 might be one of the many applications they have to use throughout the day and a better UI is aimed at making...Read more