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New: Customer Care Accelerator 

Meet new CRM MVP Kuba Skalbania, our guest blogger today. Kuba walks us through the use of the newest CRM accelerator. One of the newest accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the CCA, Customer Care Accelerator. And I dare say – CCA is not just an accelerator! CCA is a powerful platform to build integrated...Read more

CRM Portal Modifications for Demo VPC sans Internet Connectivity 

Guest blogger and CRM MVP Shan McArthur is the VP of Technology and Senior Architect of Adxstudio CMS. Microsoft launched a new generation of xRM portals in May 2010 (complements of Adxstudio). These new portals are significantly different than the previous generation. A decision was made early in the development lifecycle to ship the sample...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portal Accelerator 

Days before Convergence I had the opportunity to sit down with Reuben Krippner, a Senior Product Manager in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product planning team about the exciting CRM Portal Accelerator release and SDK refresh that was released in April. Accelerators are templates built by the CRM team to help you easily build CRM extensions...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 

Announcing the availability of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Feature Pack 1 and Software Development Kit (SDK!) The Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 Feature Pack 1 supports International English for organizations interested in integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 10  in locales outside of the United States....Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accelerators – Latest News 

It’s been a while since I updated progress on the CRM Accelerators program! There has been a tremendous response to the releases to date and I want to outline our future directions for the program. At the time of writing this blog post we have had 62623 downloads of accelerator content! This proves that there...Read more