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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Management Packs for System Center 

In the past, we have provided the following System Center Management Packs: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013R2 Management Pack for System Center Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Management Pack for System Center However, there are no plans to create System Center Management Packs for Dynamics NAV 2016 or later. See here for details about how to monitoring...Read more

CRM Integration Requires Updated SDK File 

If you use our integration with Dynamics CRM, you might have noticed a Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.dll that is installed on the server and on the client computers. This is part of the integration, both when you use the integrated connection and the Connector. We have seen a pattern where this file is the wrong version for some reason. A symptom...Read more

Coffee Break: Proactive Monitoring with Task Scheduler 

Here in Part V of  the “Monitoring and Admin” coffee breaks, we will schedule a Windows PowerShell script with these two purposes: Check for heartbeat (check if Dynamics NAV is still running), and Check for a threshold value, for example MEM or CPU exceeding a max value Customer Story: We’re a system administrator who is...Read more

Coffee Break: Make your (Windows PowerShell) life easier 

Anyone who uses Windows PowerShell regularly will be familiar with re-typing the names of Windows PowerShell cmdlets they already used many times before. In this post we will show a couple of examples of creating functions and store them in your profile to reduce the amount of re-typing needed in order to make your life...Read more

Coffee Break Troubleshooting Part IV: Windows Error Reporting and Collecting Crash Dumps 

For troubleshooting issues with Microsoft products in general, you can use Windows Error Reporting to report computer problems to Microsoft. Microsoft uses the problem reports to try to match descriptions of each problem to a solution. This feature is enabled by default, and generates detailed reports about the problem. To troubleshoot application instability issues, we...Read more

Coffee Break 16 – Using Windows PowerShell to Mark and Compare 

This time we will take a fingerprint of a specific situation, and then use Diff to compare in order to see if the situation has changed over time or compared to a reference machine. Coffee Break – Fingerprints and Diff-Checks Sometimes you want to compare the current situation against a reference to see if the...Read more

What to do when you cannot access a download? 

This month’s Cumulative Updates were made available for download this week. Some of you have experienced problems downloading the files, which causes understandable confusion and frustration. The problems can be caused by a number of different issues, including but not limited to server-side issues. The team that runs the download server is in process of...Read more

Coffee Break – Monitoring and Troubleshooting Services Part 2 

In this post, we thought we might look into how to use Windows PowerShell to work with XML data. As a user scenario, we are continuing here on our previous post, to look further into server troubleshooting possibilities. You might experience an error, warning, behavior that you want to analyze, but have no clear repro...Read more

SQL Server Worker Threads and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been configured to use the Microsoft SQL Server database engine as efficiently as possible. This includes using SQL queries which are appropriate for parallel query execution to speed up the retrieval of data when the SQL Server is configured to allow this. Parallelism in SQL Server can be controlled using the...Read more