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Dynamics AX Table Caching: Basic Rules 

This post provides some basic general guidance to get you started on setting table caching for custom tables, bearing in mind there will be exceptions. This should generally be defined at design time to avoid costly round trips to the database. As explained by Bertrand Caillet from our PFE (Premier Field Engineering) team: “This is...Read more

AX Performance Troubleshooting Checklist Part 1A [Introduction and SQL Configuration] 

Updated on 09/09/16 for DynamicsPerf v2.0. Introduction This check list is primarily aimed at troubleshooting general performance issues in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012. ‘General’ here typically means a set of unidentified issues across one or more modules, or indeed the entire application. However it is good practice to have  at least a quick check of...Read more

Overview over Kernel crash hotfixes 

 This blog should help you to get an overview on which kernel/application hotfixes are available concerning crash issues. As all kernel are cumulative, meaning that they contain all previous made hotfixes. Application hotfixes might have many dependencies and therefore they can be more time consuming to implement. The blog will be updated on regular basis....Read more

AX2012: Error when downgrading the AX server kernel 

Description:  It can happen that you need to downgrade the AOS kernel in a system. Depending on the build you are going back to, you might get an error message.   Error message: Object Server 01:  Fatal SQL condition duringlogin. Error message: “The internal time zone version number stored in thedatabase is higher than the...Read more

Memory usage in XppIL code 

Written some X++ which seems to have high memory usage when run in IL but runs normally when not in IL? Or just noticing high memory usage in servers running IL code? Here we’re going to talk about an aspect of garbage collection in XppIL that is important for anyone writing XppIL code to take...Read more

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX build numbers 

For newer versions click here -> Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations builds Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3     (Roadmap survey) Version Build Availability Download link Recent kernel build 6.3.6000.8144 28 Feb 2019 KB4492767 February 2019 Update 6.3.6000.8149 20 Apr 2019 Feb 2019 Release Cumulative Update 13 6.3.6000.149* 13 Sep 2017 KB4032175 Cumulative Update 12 6.3.5000.138*...Read more