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Customizations in the December 2012 Service Update 

With the December 2012 Service Update, we introduced a modern application experience focusing on a clean user experience and great visual appeal. Highlights: New forms focused on the data that matters Seamless inline edits Integrated business processes to guide end users to get their job done Eliminated popups This is great, but you might wonder...Read more

Form Query String Parameter Tool 

Show it, don’t tell it. That’s why I created the Form Query String Parameter Tool. This week I published a technical article that introduces this tool: Use the Form Query String Parameter Tool to Demonstrate Setting Default Field Values in New Record Forms.We have documentation in the SDK that describes the feature that lets you...Read more

New Form Scripting Quick Reference SDK Topic 

The latest version of the Software Development Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (5.0.12) includes a new  From Scripting Quick Reference topic.I added this in response to feedback that it is hard to find how to perform specific tasks using the Xrm.Page Reference.The topic contains sections with the following structure:...Read more

Developing SharePoint Applications 

Microsoft patterns & practices is excited to announce the release of: Developing SharePoint Applications Guidance for building collaborative applications that extend your LOB systems Customer Value SharePoint provides a comprehensive platform for application development combined with extensible customer ready applications. However, using the full breadth of these capabilities takes experience and know how. patterns &...Read more

Date/Time Values in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Inherent to its nature as a Relationship Management product, Microsoft Dynamics CRM manages the time for all resources of a business as an important part of the system. Managing time values in the CRM system appears to be simple, but in practice it is a complex task, just as it is in real life managing...Read more

Why the CRM Web Client and Outlook Client Don’t Play Nicely Together 

Larry asked recently why the web client looks funny when it is open at the same time as (or soon after) the Outlook client.  Most people notice the missing Settings area, but the Service Calendar is also AWOL as are a few buttons here and there.  (Here’s a KB with a list:   Issue...Read more

Feature Spotlight: Bulk Edit 

Sometimes we work hard on a feature, struggle to get it into the product, test it in all possible permutations, ship it…and then forget to tell anyone about it.  We seem to have done this with Bulk Edit.  For some entity types (Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Marketing Lists and Cases), you can select a number...Read more

Add Find Columns 

I frequently encounter ‘Power Customizers’ who are unaware of a very basic customization feature: Add Find Columns. Each CRM entity has two special views: Quick Find and Lookup.   The Quick Find view is the view displayed after an user invokes a Quick Find Search:     The Lookup view is the view displayed in...Read more

Why Filtered Views Are Cool 

In this article I want to describe my favorite feature from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0: Filtered Views.   Background   Dynamics CRM is built on top of a complex SQL Server database. The CRM Platform component was designed to manage access to the underlying SQL Server database, providing an API layer, security services (permissions, roles,...Read more