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Error message “Posting definitions are required for year-end general ledger close.” in AX 2012 

When you try to generate opening transactions in AX 2012, you get an error message “Posting definitions are required for year-end general ledger close. Select ‘Use posting definitions’ checkbox on General ledger parameters“. This warning message occurs if the Public Sector is a registered product. In AX2012 Public Sector feature depends on the Posting Definitions...Read more

The P.O. invoices vouchers are doubled in the G/L 

We have come across an issue where the Purchase Order invoices vouchers are doubled in the G/L in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. In customer environment, the Batch Transfer rules selected in the G/L was Scheduled Batch and the Summarize accounting entries had the option “Yes”.   We verified that partner solved the issue installing KB 2758624. This KB originally addresses another...Read more

Dynamics AX 2012 Workflow receives “Failed to find workflow” error 

We have run across a few situations in Dynamics AX 2012 where the workflow batch job fails with the error “Failed to find workflow” message.  When the customer received this error it prevented the remaining workflow messages in the queue from being processed.  In order to process all of the items that were queued up...Read more

Adding a period to the Aging Period Definition and receive the error: “Unlimited can be used only in the first and last period” or “Unit must be less than 0” 

Creating periods in the Aging Period Definition window can be kind of cumbersome.  Follow the steps below to create periods in the Aging Period Definition window.:   1.  Remove all of the periods that you have added. 2.  Click the Add button under Periods fast tab and enter the following      a.  Period – Current...Read more

AX 2012 for Retail – Receipt numbering formats 

It is essential that when setting up a receipt number formats in Retail that they are unique per register and store. The following example is the most common scenario we’ve seen happen when receipt formats are not unique:Scenario:  Terminal 1 has a receipt numbered at 1001 with item 0015 and terminal 2 also has a receipt...Read more

Dynamics Online user roles 

When creating new payment services or when adding new users to Dynamics Online, we need to ensure that we are assigning proper roles to these services.  This user role can then be used to enter in the Payment Services setup in AX in conjunction with the service they have access to.  A newly created Microsoft...Read more

We want to hear from you! Participate in the Microsoft Dynamics AX product suggestions program 

Make your opinion count! Give us your product suggestions and help to make future versions of the Microsoft Dynamics AX applications better. Use this Microsoft Connect site to submit your product suggestions for Microsoft Dynamics products. Search existing suggestions and vote on suggestions submitted by others. Your feedback counts – future versions and enhancements of...Read more

AX for Retail 2012 R2: Working with Custom Fields for Receipts 

Note:  (2013-May-31):  We recently published a hotfix that backports this functionality from AX 2012 R2 to AX 2012 R1 (Feature Pack).  Please contact your Partner or Microsoft Dynamics Support for this hotfix (KB 2852548) if you would like to use this functionality. In the initial release of AX for Retail 2012 we introduced the ability to add custom...Read more