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Limitations of the Export to Excel functionality in AX 2012 

Exporting data to Excel files is a very useful feature in AX 2012. It allows an easy way to export data from list pages into XLSX files. When using this feature, some limitations need to be considered, as detailed below. 1. Excel has stricter limitations than data in a database, as mentioned in the following article:...Read more

Modifying Retail POS permissions and operations 

Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 This article will explain how to link Operations with Permissions and Permissions groups as well as how to enable a Manager override prompt for certain operations. To get started, lets first define each of the 3 entities: Operations – These are the tasks that employees perform at the POS,...Read more

Troubleshooting Inplace Upgrade Script updateDirDartyRelationshipXDSLegalEntity() 

You might recieve the following message when  running the upgrade script Classes\ReleaseUpdateDB62_GABMinor\updateDirDartyRelationshipXDSLegalEntity() during  an inplace upgrade from MS Dynamics AX 2012 R2 to R3: “Cannot create a record in Party relationships (DirPartyRelationship). Invalid value specified for ‘Expiration:’. It cannot be greater than or equal to the ‘Expiration:’ of the first record.” One possible background could...Read more

AX ReportViewer web part fails with time out after running >90 seconds 

I recently have an incident with the same timeout error mentioned in the blog in below that customer would like to run report exceeding 4 minutes in EP. The same steps are used to extend the AsyncPostBackTimeout attribute except that AxScriptManager is searched/modified instead of ScriptManager in the master page mentioned in the blog. We...Read more

Manually adding 1099 transactions to the Vendor settlement for 1099s in Dynamics AX 

We added the functionality to Dynamics AX that now allows you to manually add transactions to the Vendor settlement for 1099’s (form) through the user interface. This new functionality enables the ability to input compensations that may be tracked externally from Dynamics AX that are required to reported.  This form is able to be restricted to control user...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics AX – 1099 Tax update details for 2014 

There have been several requests for more detailed information about what changes were introduced in this year’s 1099 update packaged in hotfix KB3019585.  Here is an outline of the changes that we have made. 1099-MISC      1. Boxes 11 Foreign tax paid was deleted but box remains as shaded blank box on form     2. Boxes...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics AX – 1099 Tax updates for 2014 

Tax time is around the corner, so I thought I would let everyone know that we recently released this year’s 1099 tax update for Microsoft Dynamics AX that makes the following improvements. 1.)     Fixes to the Update 1099 information routine.2.)     Fixes to the actual 1099 print outs.3.)     Addition of a form to allow users to manually...Read more

Integrating the Shipping Carrier Interface in AX 2012 with UPS WorldShip – Part 1 

In this blog series, we will walk through the steps to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to integrate with UPS WorldShip using the Shipping carrier interface located in Inventory and warehouse management. This integration will enable Dynamics AX 2012 to send sales order shipment information automatically into UPS WorldShip for processing.  Once processed, UPS will send the...Read more

Sales tax payment – identified problems and troubleshooting best practice 

During last month’s we received few service requests connected with “Sales tax payment” (VAT payment), where user face one of below problems: Error message: “Account number for transaction type Sales tax does not exist” Difference between sales tax payment voucher and report and in connection in account balance Error message: “The combination 3800—- is not...Read more