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Extending the Extended Logon functionality for MPOS and Cloud POS 

Included in MPOS and CPOS are two methods for extended logon functionality: logging in by scanning a barcode or by swiping a card with a magnetic stripe reader (MSR). Setup for these are described here: One shortcoming of the out-of-the-box functionality, however, is that each of these methods only allows for five significant digits...Read more

Retail discount calculations – Performance vs Best price 

With the increased usage of the number of Retail discounts associated to items coupled with the trade agreements and affiliations, the Pricing engine has seen significant performance issues attempting to process the best discount.  This performance degradation increases as more items are added to an order due to the proportionately increasing number of discounts needing to...Read more

Retail Discount Concurrency Modes 

When configuring discounts and setting the Discount concurrency mode, you have the option to choose Exclusive, Best price, or Compounded.  The question presented when ringing up POS transactions is which one takes precedence when you have multiple discounts that are applicable to the same sale?  This article will provide you with a brief explanation on the...Read more

Sales order refunds for credit card payments 

  Processing refunds can be a very simple and easy task, a customer returns an item that they do not want and you refund the money they paid for it right? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple as you also need to take into consideration partial returns, taxes, discounts, freight, and restocking fees? There are...Read more

Modifying Retail POS permissions and operations 

Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 This article will explain how to link Operations with Permissions and Permissions groups as well as how to enable a Manager override prompt for certain operations. To get started, lets first define each of the 3 entities: Operations – These are the tasks that employees perform at the POS,...Read more

Disable standard security in CDXRealTimeService 

   DESCRIPTION:  In Dynamics AX 2012 R3 the default behavior for CDXRealTimeService (RTS)  calls are through HTTPS. The initialization of the Public or Self-Signed certificate can take >10 seconds and the process can be repeated during operation. The typical scenario is that the Cashier in the Retail POINT of Sale, that request the RTS function...Read more

How to set up Images to show in MPOS 

With the release of AX 2012 R3 Cu 8 and MPOS we introduced the ability to have a more interactive experience with our retail Customers.  One of the great features of this MPOS is the ability to not just show images of our Products  but also the ability to display an image that represents our...Read more