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AX Content: Management Packs for AX 2012 R3! 

The Management Packs have arrived! We now have System Center Operations Manager management packs for both core Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and the AX 2012 R3 Retail functionality. The Retail management pack has been tested for side-by-side compatibility with the core management pack. Core Management Pack   The management pack for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012...Read more

CyberSource SSL Certificate Update Notice 

CyberSource sent out an email (at the bottom of this blog) around February 3, 2014, stating that customers needed to update their SSL Certificates by February 25th to avoid service interruption.  For customers exclusively using a Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Dynamics Online to process payments through CyberSource as the payment provider, no action is needed.  Dynamics Online...Read more

Resources for provisioning and configuring Microsoft Dynamics Online Payment Services 

There are many questions related to utilizing Payment Services within Microsoft Dynamics Online.  The purpose of this blog is to provide the various resources that may be helpful in the provisioning and configuring of Payment Services.  Bookmark this page and check back for continued updates.  If you need additional support beyond these pages, please use the...Read more

AX Retail: Enabling reliable session support in POS – RealTimeServices in AX 2012 R2 

Description: We havereceived some feedback from customers that inconsistence occurs when thenetwork connect fails during a RealTimeService operation from the POS. Toensure that POS calls to RealTimeService is working reliable, we can enable thereliable session in the config files. After enabling this feature, the communicationwill ensure consistency in the calls.   NB: Enabling this feature...Read more

Moving POS dlls from one machine to another causes the file to be blocked. 

Description: After copying DLL files from another location, the POS is not loading the extensions because of the error:” Thisfile came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect thiscomputer” 🙂 –  The POS does not give any indication about the error as it does not try to load it. The Message is only shown when...Read more

AX for Retail 2012 R2: Password maintenance in the POS 

A new feature introduced in AX for Retail R2 CU7 is password maintenance in the POS.  This means that users can change their own password and store managers can reset passwords for staff in their store.  Here are a few tips to get started with this new feature. First of all there is a minor...Read more

AX 2012 R2 for Retail – Using advanced discount periods with discounts that have start and end times around 12am. 

There are many combinations to set up the validation periods for discount.  If you’re not careful, an incorrect configuration may prevent the discount from being applied at the POS at all.  This blog will focus on the scenarios when you need to use the start and ending times that both fall around 12:00am.  Other ranges such...Read more

Slow performance when Configuration key turned off 

  Description: The configuration key Sales tax (ledgerbasicSalesTax) has been turned off in the system. When running example the retail statement posting, the performance is very poor.  The slow response is originated in every call to TaxParameters::find(). When analyzing the sql server queries we see a large number of Temporary table been generated which all take...Read more

AX 2012 R2 for Retail – Configuring the EFT Service in the Retail Hardware Profile with Dynamics Online Payment Services 

The steps below will walk you through connecting a payment service that is already set up in Dynamics Online to your EFT Service in the Retail Hardware Profile.  These steps would need to be followed for each new hardware profile that is configured for each store that has a different payment service.  If you have...Read more