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Barcode Scanning in the Mobile Device 

14 min read

One of the major innovative features we introduced with the R3 release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 was the advanced warehousing system with the warehouse mobile devices portal and the subsequent support for using embedded devices for efficient warehouse workflows. The key assumption with this technology was that warehouse workers would be scanning barcodes for…Read more


Product Scanning Confirmation 

5 min read

Introduction In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 it is possible to enable location and quantity confirmation during work processing through the RF device. Currently with the cumulative update 8, this has been extended to support product confirmation too. In this case the warehouse user will need to confirm that he is processing the right product…Read more


BarcodeCode128 and Tilde Character 

2 min read

Recently we came across an issue with BarcodeCode128 barcodes – when using a tilde character (~) within a BarcodeCode128 barcode in AX the resulting barcode can be unreadable by scanners. The reason for this is that Code128 has three different code sets associated with it – using an escape character in the barcode string to…Read more