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Best practices for refreshing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM test environment 

2 min read

Today’s guest blogger is CRM MVP Joel Lindstrom, a Solutions Consultant for CustomerEffective. For high availability Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments, it is recommended that you have additional environments for test, Dev, and QA, so you can manage changes to your configuration without impacting users. This is also a good idea for disaster recovery, so if…Read more


Setting Up Your CRM Development Environment 

<1 min read

Here is a great new addition to our set of technical articles on the Dynamics CRM Developer Center! Read Setting Up Your Development Environment, which explores four common development environment approaches: Using an isolated development environment Sharing a common Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization Using a hybrid environment Using different organizations in a single Microsoft Dynamics…Read more


Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Import Wizard 

3 min read

I regularly get requests for assistance with data migration challenges.  Data migrations are never easy due to the differences in data values and formats that exist between systems.  The easiest way to import data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM is using the Track in CRM capabilities available within the Outlook client.  But assuming your needs are…Read more


Best Practices for CRM Memory Usage 

4 min read

Are you trying to improve the memory usage of your .net application? I’ve spent some time recently trying to improve memory usage of our .net code. In this blog, I would like to share techniques for debugging memory issues as well as useful coding practices that would help. .Net Framework does a great job of…Read more