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Video: introduction to Activity Feeds 

We’ve been hearing from customers who would like to know more about Activity Feeds, the new social-based communication tool offered in our fall release. People have told use they’d like to know more about everything from how to customize it down to just getting a basic sense of what we’re offering. We’re pleased to report...Read more

Amplify your selling power with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

A great salesperson is priceless. You deserve a tool where the art of selling meets the science of winning.  In this new video we focus on productivity from the perspective of the salesperson and what they need in a CRM application. Great salespeople… Understand the value of insight Know how to rally a team Appreciate...Read more

Create Sample Data for your Solution 

In This Post: Problem statement How to create and export CRM Data How to create DataMap and save it How to import sample data using SDK APIs Conclusion Further reading Problem statement You have created a solution using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Solutions framework and you want people to download it and try it....Read more

How to Add a Record Wall to a Form 

 If you are an existing CRM user who has created multiple main application forms on some entities before you enable the entities for Activity Feeds, you may find that enabling Activity Feeds for them won’t add the Record Wall control to the forms of the entity which has multiple forms. This blog walks you through...Read more

How to enable an entity to use Activity Feeds solution 

 This blog intends to walk through the steps by which a user can enable Activity Feeds for an entity. Pre-Conditions: User has a CRM organization created. This covers the new OnPrem deployment and existing CRM Online users. Activity Feeds solution will be automatically provisioned for new CRM Online user. If you are an existing CRM...Read more

Configuring the List Component in SharePoint Online 

  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component adds functionality to SharePoint which enables Document Management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In order to deploy the List Component Solution the following modifications to SharePoint are required: Run the following command in the SharePoint Management Console for a specific Web application: AllowHtcExtn.ps1 <Web Application URL>. Alternatively,...Read more

Activity Feeds Report 

1.       What is Activity Feeds report? Activity Feeds report is a CRM report for Activity Feeds, which uses FetchXML query to retrieve Activity Feeds-related data from database through SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS). 2.       What is Activity Feeds Report for? Imagine you are the owner or the administrator of a CRM organization or someone who...Read more

Unlock the Voice of your People 

We get a lot of questions from customers about the value of social capabilities in business applications.  They’re skeptical.  They tell us that before they invest in social tools, they want to be sure they’re giving their teams greater power to make a difference.  What they don’t want is to add more noise to the...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint Online is here 

The SharePoint team is in the process of deploying some new features to the SharePoint Online service.  The rollout of these new SharePoint Online features across the data centers is expected to be completed by end of November.  Most notable from a Microsoft Dynamics CRM perspective, is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers can now take advantage...Read more

How to Create a Post with Mentions using Workflow? 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activity Feeds solution is now released in the Dynamics Marketplace and ready to use with the latest Microsoft CRM update. The solution offers better ways to collaborate with in the organization and stay on top of business processes.  In this blog article, I will walk you through new capabilities introduced in Workflows...Read more

Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

If you are a developer working on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you are by now familiar with the game changer in town, Solution Framework, which allows you to extend the capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM web application has excellent tools for creating the non-code components that are part of your solution, for...Read more