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Calling the BudgetTransactionService on AX 2012 

2 min read

We recently had a request for an example of how to call the BudgetTransactionService AIF create operation which allows you to created budget register entries. Setup: Create an inbound AIF port using the first 10 steps (Setup with AX) from the Budget entries import in AX2012 ( to create a NetTcp AIF inbound port. Create…Read more


How to use automatic approval with Project Budgets and Workflow 

1 min read

Project Budgets require workflow to be able to create new budgets.  With some businesses, this is not necessary to have each budget reviewed before allowing them to be approved.  Especially if those with the responsibility to put in the Project Budget has the final say on the Budget regardless.  Since AX requires Workflow for Project Budgets, the…Read more


AX 2009: The “Goal” value in the Profitability Analysis report on RoleCenter page pages does not show the budgeted values 

3 min read

I came across this sometime back now. The “Goal” value in the Profitability Analysis report on RoleCenterpage pages does not show the budgeted values. Going through the KPI underneath the Report I found: -The general ledger KPIs in the analysis database does not take into account any budget defined in AX Client as the goal…Read more