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Transportation scenario – Manual rating 

Scenario In some circumstances, rules for the calculation of transportation charges cannot be defined in advance. In this situation, companies may need to manually define the rate based on the information received from transporters/carriers. The manually defined rate should then be recorded in the system, so that freight bills and related invoices can be matched...Read more

Transportation scenario – Freight not charged to customer 

Scenario Our Contoso company does not charge freight to customers (for instance because the sales price already takes into account transportation charges), but needs to pay the transporter for the freight amount. The key business requirements are: To exclude freight charges from the sales order invoice, as customer is not charged for transportation. To generate...Read more

Accounting for Purchase charge and Stock variation 

Dear readers, The SCM-costing team is happy to announce that an update for the “Post to charge” accounting principle is finally ready. The update includes a significant change in the ledger accounting logic consumed by the “Post to charge” accounting principle. This change might require that customers reconfigure their posting profiles in order to get...Read more

Post Misc. charges at time of Product receipt 

Dear readers The SCM-costing team in collaboration with SCM-Procurement team are happy to introduce a capability requested by customers for many years. We introduce the capability of accounting for Misc. charges already at time of posting Product receipt. This capability will provide customers with the opportunity to better estimate cost of purchase and avoid cost...Read more