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AX for Retail R3: Training Videos for Commerce Data Exchange Async 

3 min read

I’m happy to announce greater availability for a set of training videos that I created for Commerce Data Exchange (CDX) Async Server and Async Client.  The content clocks in at around three hours and is a fairly comprehensive walkthrough of the technology.  It is primarily focused on the IT Pro audience, but developers and end…Read more


Connecting Retail Components on an External Computer to the Microsoft Dynamics AX R3 Azure Lifecycle Services Demo Virtual Machine 

11 min read

If you’re not using our AX 2012 R3 demo image on Azure by now… well, you should be. There is an excellent guide on getting your Azure account linked with Lifcecycle Services so you can deploy the demo virtual machine: Deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX on Azure [AX 2012]. If you are using the Demo VM…Read more


AX for Retail 2012 R2: Run-down on Log Files 

8 min read

Logging and tracing has changed quite a bit between AX for Retail 2009 and 2012 R2 so an updated version of my AX for Retail: Run-down on Log Files article is somewhat overdue.  Hopefully this will be a quick reference guide that you can use for all Retail components. Retail POS This is the component…Read more


AX for Retail 2012 R2: Commerce Data Exchange implementation guide white paper published! 

1 min read

One of our most common requests for documentation is an end-to-end implementation guide for Commerce Data Exchange: Synch Service (previously “Retail Store Connect”) and Commerce Data Exchange:  Real-time Service (previously “Retail Transaction Service”).  We are excited to announce that a white paper has just been published that will address this need.  As you can see…Read more


AX for Retail 2012 R2: Troubleshooting the Real-time Service 

9 min read

This is a follow-up from my previous post AX for Retail 2012 R2: Installing the Real-time Service and should give you some tips if you run into problems installing and configuring the Real-time Service.  Before getting into those tips, I want to go through the configuration of logging, as that will be necessary for your…Read more


AX for Retail 2012 R2: Installing the Real-time Service 

7 min read

[Note:  Please see the companion article for Troubleshooting Tips for the Real-time Service.] Possibly the biggest change with AX for Retail 2012 R2 is the re-architecting of the Retail Transaction Service. The first thing you will notice is that the name has been changed: Retail Transaction Service is now Commerce Data Exchange: Real-time Service. Store Connect…Read more