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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Management Packs for System Center 

In the past, we have provided the following System Center Management Packs: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013R2 Management Pack for System Center Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Management Pack for System Center However, there are no plans to create System Center Management Packs for Dynamics NAV 2016 or later. See here for details about how to monitoring...Read more

Office 365 integration in a Dynamics NAV hosting environment 

We from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV support team (Microsoft CSS) see an increasing number of support cases coming in related to Office 365 integration in a hosting environment. This range from the relatively new Edit in Excel feature or the relatively new Outlook Business Inbox to the more familiar Office 365 Single Sign On functionality....Read more

Configuring Client Timeout 

The Dynamics NAV Support team have been asked many times about how to configure NAV client timeout values so we have written this post as a simple overview for this topic. Dynamics NAV Windows client timeout configuration is managed at the NAV Server level by setting the Idle Client Timeout setting to a value that...Read more

Coffee Break: Make your (Windows PowerShell) life easier 

Anyone who uses Windows PowerShell regularly will be familiar with re-typing the names of Windows PowerShell cmdlets they already used many times before. In this post we will show a couple of examples of creating functions and store them in your profile to reduce the amount of re-typing needed in order to make your life...Read more

SQL Server Worker Threads and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been configured to use the Microsoft SQL Server database engine as efficiently as possible. This includes using SQL queries which are appropriate for parallel query execution to speed up the retrieval of data when the SQL Server is configured to allow this. Parallelism in SQL Server can be controlled using the...Read more

Please Check your Management Port in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 

As you know, since Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, schema changes are now handled in a different way as described, among other places, in the Paradigm blog post. All schema changes are now synchronized to the SQL Server database through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV service tier. We sometimes hear of partners receiving the following error...Read more

Help us make Microsoft Dynamics NAV better 

We always strive to make Microsoft Dynamics NAV a better product – and in order for us to do that efficiently we need to know how real customers out there are using the product. To help us getting that knowledge, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server can send anonymous data about how server instances are configured and...Read more

Owner ID field became obsolete in Dynamics NAV 

On MSDN it is written that the Owner ID field became obsolete and should be removed from specific pages. This means that anyone can start up the Windows Client and configure a Role Center without any restrictions. Reasoning behind this is explained in this small blog posting among a new approach that does give a...Read more

Understanding and Configuring Session Timeouts 

When you start the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client or the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client, a connection is established with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance, and a corresponding session is added on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server includes several timeout settings that determine when a session closes because of inactivity,...Read more