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Dynamics NAV 2017: Bringing Two Worlds Together 

Dynamics NAV 2017 is now generally available for download on PartnerSource as announced by Paul White. Here on our blog, we’ll post a couple of overviews of what is new in this release, and we’ll share some technical insights  with you. First in this series is today’s story of how Dynamics NAV 2017 brings two worlds together....Read more

Cascading entity relationship behavior and the Customer virtual entity 

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM the behaviors assigned within entity relationships describe what actions should cascade down to related records. For example, if you re-assign a contact record, what should happen to any opportunities where that contact represents the potential customer? For certain entity relationships, you can control this by changing the cascading behavior. When you...Read more

Tips & Tricks: Displaying Contact Images in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

In another of our guest blog series, CRM MVP Jürgen Beck provides a developer’s view demonstrating out customizable Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 is. This post is provided “AS IS” with no warranties and confer no rights. You assume all risk for your use. Wouldn’t it be nice to see some pictures of your customer when...Read more

Parsing Full Name Into Separate Name Fields 

Assume you are going to import Contacts into Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the Import Wizard.  The file you are going to import has the Contact full name in 1 column.  When attempting to import the Contacts using the Import Wizard you will receive an message that the Full Name column has been ignored as it...Read more

Synchronizing CRM Contacts I do NOT own to my Outlook 

I was challenged with this task back in the 3.0 days.  It is great that CRM automatically syncs my CRM contacts to Outlook.  “What happens when multiple users have the same Outlook contact and try to track in CRM?”  Well if the Contact has already been tracked in CRM, the second user will receive a...Read more

Creating a Birthday Contact List 

Today we welcome our guest blogger CRM MVP Darren Liu from the Crowe Horwath company. Have you ever been asked by someone to get a list of contacts having birthdays during a certain time period from CRM? If so what have you done to perform this task? Within the application, birthdays are tracked on Contact...Read more