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Deployment progress of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0.2 

We continue to make progress on delivering the updated version of Dynamics 365 (online), around the globe. At Microsoft, we use a “safe deployment” methodology where we perform the update in stages, to ensure that we are managing and mitigating the risk of global deployments to critical systems. Today, we have completed the deployment on...Read more

Dynamics 365 SDK Backwards Compatibility 

With the deprecation of Azure Access Control Service (ACS), we have to modify our SDK authentication code by removing all references to ACS. Effective from versions Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1 (v8.1.1) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (v8.2), we removed Live ID support and ACS dependencies on the server-side. We also removed Microsoft.Xrm.Client from...Read more

White Paper:  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Service Pack 1 Performance Benchmark on Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 

On behalf of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 engineering team, I am pleased to announce the release of a white paper, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Service Pack 1 Performance Benchmark on Azure (IaaS) which is currently available for download, from the Microsoft Download Center. It is one of the publications, as promised in the Dynamics 365...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves iOS mobile security options 

Given the increasingly mobile and connected nature of business in today’s world, Microsoft has enhanced the mobile security options available with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With the latest release of CRM, we have enabled Intune Mobile Application Management for the CRM iOS mobile application. In addition, to support this capability, Dynamics CRM is now integrated with...Read more

How to configure SLAs 

Hey, congrats on updating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 8.1. Of the many new and exciting features, you now have the capability to use service level agreements (SLAs) for entities apart from Case. The additional entities with the SLA capabilities are: All activity entities (email, appointment, etc.) except recurring appointment Account Contact Order Invoice Quote...Read more

Onboarding to Web API for Dynamics CRM 2016 from Web API Preview 

Applies to: CRM 2016 and CRM Online 2016 Update. There are many exciting new platform features available in CRM 2016 for developers. One of the biggest platform features is the rollout of the Modern Web API. The Web API makes it easier to create applications across a wide variety of platforms, devices, and programming languages....Read more