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Dynamics 365 Blog

Create a Custom Quote, Order or Invoice Report for your Customers 

Guest blogger and CRM MVP Donna Edwards talks about a tip to help you customize reports and documents for your customers. Many organizations appreciate the ability to generate ‘branded’ Quotes, Orders, Invoices and other Customer related documents from CRM. This post will guide you through the steps required to create a report that will run...

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Using the Microsoft Translator inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4 

This customization is designed to call the ‘Microsoft® Translator’ service from within CRM. This example uses a custom button, included in an entity form, to call the service and translate text (which has been selected by the user) into another language. This document describes the steps required to include the custom button on a form,...

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CRM Customization ROI Calculator 

CRM MVP Mitch Milam returns as a guest blogger. You can read more from Mitch at his blog. When implementing Dynamics CRM or designing a customized solution within Dynamics CRM you will often find yourself asked by the powers-that-be what their Return on Investment (ROI) will be. Since I consult for a living, I get...

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