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Using AI to better understand and engage your customers 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for some time now. What was once an elusive technology only accessible to those with vast resources and budget is now being democratized and attainable for every organization. With prebuilt AI capabilities embedded in enterprise solutions, organizations can now benefit from AI. Organizations can process and interpret enormous volumes...Read more

Customer centricity: A key priority across lines of business 

In today’s content and product-saturated marketplace, personalization is the key to standing apart from the competition. According to a recent study by Frost & Sullivan, by 2020 customer experience is expected to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, and companies globally lose over $300 billion each year due to poor customer experience....Read more

Customer data platform: Going beyond MDMs and CRMs 

In today’s competitive buying market, customers have access to more content, purchasing channels, and brand options than ever before. With an overload of information and choices available, businesses can no longer survive by simply providing the bare minimum necessary to keep customers from leaving. Instead, they must demonstrate they understand and value their customers and...Read more

Customer data platform: A win-win for the entire C-suite 

Adding a data-driven customer experience strategy can help organizations remain competitive and engage customers in more meaningful ways. Interestingly, this is no longer a marketing-only function and requires a shared effort across the business in order to be successful. Chief marketing officers can’t rely solely on traditional methods and channels to connect with audiences anymore....Read more

Financial services: How to leverage data to strengthen customer loyalty 

The landscape of modern banking has changed dramatically in the past decade. Financial institutions are facing intense competition not only from traditional competitors, but new cloud-based virtual banks that have appeared with recent technology advancements. Financial Service Institution (FSI) customers expect their institutions to deliver digital-forward, frictionless, and highly relevant experiences across multiple channels. With...Read more

Why personalization is key to surviving today’s retail market 

The retail landscape has changed dramatically in recent years with the rise of internet consumerism providing customers with access to more content, buying channels, and brand options than ever before. Customers today are well-informed, highly selective, and expect intuitive, engaging, and personalized experiences when they shop – with consistency across every buying channel they use....Read more

Customer data platform: A key to personalized experiences 

In today’s digital economy, customers are continuing to set the bar higher and higher in terms of what they expect from the brands they interact with. Power that was once held by the providers of goods and services has now shifted to the customer, whose demand for a seamless and highly relevant experience at every...Read more